Team Building

Team Building

Working as a team is important.  This also rings true when it comes to working at a shelter.  Everyone needs to work together to make the shelter a success.

Your company is more than welcome to book a team building exercise and suggest a project that your company would like to complete as a team that will enrich the lives of the dogs and cats at the shelter.

Please complete the form below with a brief description of the project you would like to tackle as a company team-building exercise and we will happily consider this and get back to you.

We believe that we have come this far, only with the continuous support of our volunteers and companies that have a love and passion for making the lives of our dogs and cats better while they are in our care.

Please keep our promise in mind when planning your team-building project.

“You will never go hungry again!  Never need to be afraid again! You will receive love and attention and have food every day. You will have a warm bed to sleep in, never be given up on or thrown away. We promise that you will be loved and cared for and that your new family keeps the promise we have given you”

Team building project plan