Adoption Process

Adopt, don't Shop

Please take a walk around and meet our wonderful animals.  We have over 1000 dogs and cats, we are sure you will fall in love with at least one.

Once you’ve made your selection, jot down the kennel number or ask the staff for assistance.   Please come to our office to complete an adoption form.

Once the adoption form is completed one of our friendly volunteers will give you a call and arrange a home visit.

A home visit gives us the opportunity to meet the prospective adoptive family and ensure the home is safe for your new best friend We will give you a call to inform you whether the application was successful.

Our adoption fee includes sterilization or castration, deworming, and first vaccination.  Your dog will also be microchipped by Identipet before leaving our premises.

Our adoption process for our cats are the same but they also get tested for FIV and Leukemia before leaving.

Thank you for considering adoption and possibly giving one of our special animals a forever home.

Why Choose Wollies Animal

Pro-life Organisation

Every cat and dog stays with us until they find their forever homes. Life is what we offer them and we will never take these rights away.

Strong Serilisation Policy

We STRONGLY believe that if people are educated on the benefits of sterilization and if these costs were more affordable, then there would be fewer abandoned, abused and homeless animals.

7+ Years in Business

Recognising the need we evolved into a full-scale operation which is known today as WOLLIES ANIMAL SHELTER. Through desperate times we persevered and managed to officially open Wollies Animal Shelter on 29 May 2013. To date, Wollies has expanded to nearly 1000 homeless dogs and cats.

What's included in the Fee?

Dogs R650 / Puppies R750

Cats R650 / Kittens R750