Sterilisation Importance



Tuesdays only are sterilisation days at Wollies Animal Shelter.  We encourage and welcome you to bring your dog or cat to the shelter for sterilisation on any Tuesday morning.  Drop-off time is between 06h00 and 06h45 and the drop-off place is at Wollies Animal Shelter.

We place a name tag on your furry friend in the morning and give you a form to complete (this form will accompany your animal to the vet).

Please take note that we do not have card facilities so we kindly request that you bring along the sterilisation fee in cash on the morning of the drop-off.  We make payment to our vet on the morning of the drop off so please help us to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Please also take note that if your animal is pregnant or on heat, the vet might charge additional costs.  Please inform the staff if you are aware or suspect that your pet may be on heat or pregnant.

The vet will also give your pet the once over and if they notice something that may be of concern to them, the vet will contact you and inform you of the point of concern, discuss same and request permission to give your pet the necessary treatment beforehand, as well as the associated costs.  Should you pet have received additional medical treatment, please ensure what the costs were, that were incurred and kindly bring along the vet fee in cash on the afternoon of collection of your pet.

All the animals are then collected by us and you are then welcome to come and collect your furry friend the same evening around 17h00.

Please remember that if your animal is being sterilized on the Tuesday, they cannot eat or drink ANYTHING from 22h00 the previous evening. This is very important.

You can bring your pet back to Wollies Animal Shelter after 10 days to remove the stitches.  There is no cost for this service and no appointment is needed.    

If you know someone who would like to have their pet sterilised but may not be in a financial position to do so, kindly request them to contact our office for more information about our community sterilisation specials.

Please encourage your friends and family to also have their pets sterilised and thank you for choosing Wollies Animal Shelter to help your furry friend get “fixed”.

We are situated on the grounds of The Rondawel, 101 Rooikat Street (Mastiff Street) Hesteapark, Pretoria North.

Why Sterilise?

There are a number of very important and logical reasons to sterilise your pet.  These include:

Understanding Sterilisation

Approximately 1 million dogs and cats are euthanized per year in South Africa alone.


What you pet will not become if sterilised

No female pet needs to experience motherhood. In fact it is safer to not get pregnant because Sterilisation eliminates ovarian cancer and reduces the risk of mammary tumors.

Cats and Dogs never miss or care about “what might have been”.  Instead, they devote themselves to their owners and live full and happy lives without parenting experience.

What is Sterilisation?

It is a short procedure done by a Vet under anaesthesia.  Preferably from the age of 4 – 6 months but it can also be done at a much older age.

Spaying refers to the sterilisation procedure that is done to female pets.  During this surgery the reproductive organs, the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus are removed.  She will not be able to go into heat and get pregnant.

Neutering or castration refers to the sterilisation procedure for male pets. During this surgery the male reproductive organs, the testicles, are removed and he will be unable to impregnate a female.