Nora’s Story

A normal day at Wollies, or so I thought? I volunteer at Wollies each and every Saturday. Everyone knows me as “T”. On arrival at Wollies on Saturday 3rd March, I did my normal walk through the dog kennels and then went to the cattery. First stop, the cat quarantine area. Walked in there and it was “love at first sight”. Nora the Norwegian Forest cat and I instantly connected and bonded. I felt like the “cat whisperer”.

Right there and then my mind and thoughts went in to overdrive. Should I or should I not take her, should I foster her, what about Madonna (my other cat), would she be okay, she is special needs, am I prepared for the challenge, a million questions raced through my mind. A flood of emotions overcame me and I was in tears. After debating with myself for over 2 hours that day, the decision was made, Nora was coming home with me, and I was going to “foster” her for the time being.

Now Nora is no ordinary cat! Nora is a special needs case. Nora is a Norwegian Forest Cat that is blind. Nora was attacked by a dog and the left side of her face was badly damaged. She received treatment at Onderstepoort and her left eye was removed and that side of her face was stitched up and fixed. Her right eye was damaged and she was declared blind according to the report.

Instantly it was like having a kitten in the house again. I had to show Nora where her food and water bowls were. I had to teach her how to use her litter box and I had to show her the way and be her “eyes” for her. This was no easy task, and there were a few “accidents” on the carpet that needed cleaning up. Patience is one of my better qualities and I pushed on. I knew I could be the “mom” that she needed and I knew that if I gave her enough TLC that she would come right.

The first few days were rough, very little sleep, accidents on the carpets, sneezing, upset stomach, and so the list went on. Nora had been through such a lot. Change of homes, severe trauma to her head and eyes, change of food and Madonna giving her the evil eye! Each time I just smiled and fixed the accidents and issues and displayed undying love towards her. My reward, Nora purring and head butting me and loving me back. Even Madonna has chilled a little bit and is accepting Nora more and more each day. There is hope that the two of them will become loving sisters in arms J.

Tears streamed down my cheeks, Nora had decided, I had decided, it was just meant to be. I am proud to say that Nora will go from being a “foster cat” to a cat that has found her “forever home”. The decision has been made, Nora will stay with me and together Nora, myself and Madonna will grow old together. There is no greater LOVE than the love of an animal.

Yours in Paw Love