Wollies Newsletter February 2018




“Rescue animals aren’t broken, they’ve simply experienced more life than other animals”.

If they were human we would call them wise. They would be the ones with “tails” to tell and stories to write, the ones who were dealt rough blows and bad hands and responded with courage in return.


A brand new year for Wollies, and it is set to be full of exciting events and happenings. A year with many challenges, trials and tribulations lies ahead of us, BUT, we WILL all stay POSITIVE. Sometimes it is not easy, but we have a great team of workers, volunteers and supporters that make it so much easier to stay positive and push and plough our way forward to a bigger and better 2018. I would honestly like to believe that this is going to be a FANTASTIC year for everyone and also forWollies


Wollies had a rough December, taking in more than 200 dogs and over 126 cats. For our shelter, which is literally bursting at the seams with the huge amount of animals at present, it is virtually impossible to handle all these extra animals as well. We however hate to show people away, and always feel so bad and sad for these animals.  So, we look the other way and welcome them in to the Wollies Shelter Family.  


Currently Wollies is way over the limit of animals currently in our care, but knowing that we can save that one animal, get that one animal off the streets, provide safety & security for that one animal, food and water for that one animal, makes it worth the while when one sees the appreciation in that dog or cat’s eyes. It simply melts your heart and tugs at your heart’s strings. The saying, “sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind” rings true in some cases. Sometimes we just cannot take in that extra dog or cat, and we do need to say no. One cannot really understand how difficult a task this is to do, how terribly hard it is to show someone away or refer them elsewhere.  But we do at all times need to do what is best for all the animals currently in our care.


Wollies as well as all the other local animal shelters and the SPCA, need to get the word out to the Public that they should first and foremost when losing a pet, visit the SPCA and their local shelters and see if perhaps their beloved pets are not there. The SPCA and most of the animal shelters also have websites that one can visit in search of lost pets. Facebook and local What’s App groups are also available to spread the word and keep the public informed. Most importantly I think we need to educate ourselves, our public and our children. At Wollies we firmly believe that we should Sterilize & Micro Chip each and every animal. 


Wollies needs to get as many animals as possible adopted during this year. This will be our main objective and focus point for 2018. We still have 10 months left of this year in which we will try our utmost best to get these animals adopted. Sometimes this a very daunting task, because for every ten animals that get adopted, twenty new animals come in. We never seem to get ahead ! Wollies is proud to announce that we now Micro Chip at our premises at a cost of R150.00 per chip. This is a ten minute procedure and can be done on any day of the week. At least if your beloved pet is micro chipped, you stand a better chance of finding them if they are lost. As mentioned earlier, we also have a full scale sterilization project running at Wollies.  We  STRONGLY believe that if people are educated on the benefits of sterilization and if these costs were more affordable, then there would be fewe r abandoned, abused and homeless animals Contact the shelter to  enquire about sterilization days as well as the costs involved.


We also have a newsletter mailing list, which we use to keep the public up to date with our “newsletters” and information. Should you wish to receive our newsletter, please click on the link on our website (www.wollies.org) to subscribe to this. It is FREE and no costs are involved at all. Become part of the Wollies Family by receiving up to date news, notices and titbits of information throughout the year.


We have a busy year of planning ahead of us and thus far we have the following functions planned for 2018. We urge you to please support our functions. We need all the support we can get to ensure the success of WolliesWatch our website and Facebook page as well as our newsletters for more details.   Grab your calendars, highlight the following dates and events and we hope to see you all there !


24th February:    Gin & Tonic Valentines Evening in the Cattery

Please join us for a Cupids Mixture & Snacks on Saturday 24th February, 18h00 till late

Tickets available R75 per person or R150 per couple.

Wollies101 Rooikat Street (Mastiff Street) Hestiapark Pretoria North


27th May:            WOLLIES IS TURNING 5

Come join us for our 5th Birthday party. Details of this HUGE event to follow.


16th June:               YOUTH DAY.  Details of this event to follow.


1st /2nd September :      SLEEPATHONJoin over 300 people and experience the day in the life of a shelter animal.  Spend 18 to 24 hours in a kennel with the dogs or in the cattery with the cats to raise funds for Wollies.


6th  October:               BARK…… Surprise ! Not to be missed ! Details of this event to follow.


10th November:            COLOUR RUNA huge success in 2017. We promise that 2018 will be ten times better. Not to be missed ! Details of this event to follow.


These are just some of the functions currently planned for 2018. Watch our website, watch our Facebook page, visit our shelter, keep informed, keep updated – We plan to add some more events for the year !


Then please don’t forget the functions & events that run outside of Wollies. We honestly need your support at these events also. Some of the upcoming events are :


17th February:  Waenhuiskrans Plaasmark is presenting a  Honde Ope Dag” in aid of Wollies Animal Shelter. Dog Walk, Micro Chipping, Dog Talks, Farm Stalls, Musicians, Kids Zone. A fun filled day out in the open with family and friends and of course your beloved pet. Corner of Veda & Enkeldoorn Roads, Opposite Montana Traders Flea Market in Montana.


25th May:          TEKKIE TAX DAY

We will be part of Tekkie Tax this year and we need YOUR support to make sure that we get plenty of stickers and shoe laces sold.  Tekkie Tax day is on the 25th May.   Please ask you company to get involved and support the Animals this year. Should you wish to order your shoe laces or would like us to get in contact with your company,  please call Karin on  083 534 5051 or email :- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


20th – 22nd July:    WODAC  - Gallagher Estate in Midrand. Anything and everything to do with animals, pets and accessories will be on show. A great event to showcase all that is available out there and to make the public more aware of just how many organisations are out there that take care of and support our animals.


Please come and visit our shelter and meet and greet our adorable dogs and cats that are in our care.  We are sure that there will be one that tugs at your heart strings.  Or visit our website or facebook page to take a look at what is waiting for you with paws love.


Together, myself and the Wollies Team & Volunteers look forward to an action packed, rip roaring 2018. We hope to see you all real soon.


Paws love

Cilla Trexler / Wollies Team