MEET - "MARI" our brave mother.

This mommy dog was brought in to Wollies on Saturday 16th June and surrendered to Wollies. She was highly pregnant and close to giving birth. We were on high alert. Sunday late afternoon it was time and she went in to labour. She was having difficulty so we rushed her to the vet and just in time too! She was given a caesarian and seven babies were born. The puppies are all very big and there was no ways that she could have given normal birth. We are glad to say mom and pups are doing well and the delivery was a success.

We are appealing to our loyal supporters to once again assist in covering the vets account for this unforseen expense. Any amount that you feel you wish to donate can be paid directly to Doornpoort Animal Clinic, Nedbank Montana 155345, Account nr: 1030937516 - Ref. Wollies