There is such a great need in some of the townships, but luckily Shereez and Amos stay in Shoshanguve and have offered to help with the animals that are in need. 


Quite honestly they are doing an amazing job.  We have helped so many animals to date.


 It is always so rewarding to help out, but then you get people that just don’t want their animals anymore and they will give them up in a blink of an eye.


Blackie is one of these sad cases, she has a litter of puppies and also has a another baby from a previous litter, so sad because her owners no longer want her.


 So Shereez went to fetch her and her puppies, suspecting nothing.  Upon her arrival at Wollies, we found that she was not in a good way and she was taken to the vet. (she was suffering from mastitis and TVT)


 Pyramid Animal Clinic helped and she is nearly ready to go to a loving home.  Attached is a photo of what she looks like now.  Unfortunatelly we need help with her medical bill and we need to find Blackie a loving home.  Should you wish to help with any of the above please let us know.


 You can do payments directly towards her account to the vet:,  OR INTO OUR ACCOUNT and of course if you would like to give her a loving home,  please please let us know immediately.    Please give her a big Christmas – a loving home to call her own.

C.E. JANISCH                                                                      WOLLIES ANIMAL PROJECT  NPO 


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BRANCH CODE 011 545                                                   BRANCH CODE:      251037

ACCOUNT NR:  012 625 647                                             ACCOUNT  NO:       620 696 74 292


Blackie came to Pyramid Vet Clinic about a month ago. She was suffering from a sexually transmitted tumour called TVT, and had recently had puppies. She was in a really bad condition. It was decided to treat the tumour and sterilise her as well, as she was a really sweet-natured dog who deserved another chance. The TVT is treatable with hemotherapy and we gave the injection and sterilised her. Unfortunately she developed complications of the chemo, whereby her white blood cell count fell to almost zero and she had no immune system. She ran a high fever for 7 days and developed a serious mastitis(milk gland infection), which required intensive antibiotic and intravenous fluid and feeding therapy. Somehow with all the nursing and attention from our staff she gradually started to improve and started eating again. By this stage she was literally skin and bone but she took a liking to eggs and chicken  and soon started eating kibbles too. The mastitis is healing nicely and the TVT has disappeared for now. There is a chance it may recur but we will then treat it again as necessary.


She has become a happy dog who loves people and she has started joining me when I take our dogs for walks. She will be a very loyal and faithful pet to someone and we hope she will find a home soon.


 Of course this whole episode costs lots of money and so far we have taken care of her without compensation. It would be appreciated if we could get some donations towards her expenses so that we can continue to take care of and rehabilitate more animals in future.





Dr Chris Janisch


 “Rescue animals aren’t broken, they’ve simply experienced more life than other animals”.

If they were human we would call them wise. They would be the ones with “tails” to tell and stories to write, the ones who were dealt rough blows and bad hands and responded with courage in return.


Thank you for supporting Wollies Animal Shelter




Wollies Team